Welcome to our Loungeroom

The Loungeroom was born from the cancellation of the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2020 in the hope we could support the comedians who had lost ALL their gigs.

We film their set, produce the videos and manage the website for free, then split 60% of the monthly subscription pool among the performers based on how many minutes of their video has been watched.

Subscribers not only get new content every week, but they are providing ongoing support to our performers. Winners one and all!

Susannah Mott

Susannah is a comedy television producer with over 20 years experience, working across all mediums. She has primarily worked with Working Dog on shows such as Have You Been Paying Attention, All Aussie Adventures, Thank God You’re Here, and in the early days was in the production team for classic Australian feature films The Castle and The Dish.
A lover of live comedy and the industry as a whole.
Used to be a nurse so can check your blood pressure too.

Gail Davidson

Gail is a Melbourne based videographer with a sketchy background.

Stage manager, lighting designer, graphic designer, water tank producer, magicians assistant, worm farmer, radio presenter, trivia buff. Or, compulsive liar? Can’t use a sewing machine.

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